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Dr. Sanjay Salve is an experienced orthopaedic surgeon. He focuses on providing excellent care and treatment for patients with orthopaedic conditions. Dr. Salve has a strong educational background and is committed to delivering the best medical care possible. His goal is to help patients regain their ability to move and enhance their overall well-being. Dr. Sanjay Salve's journey in the field of medicine began at B.J.M.C., Pune, where he completed his M.B.B.S. degree in 1997. His strong academic performance and commitment to excellence led him to pursue further specialization in orthopaedics. In 2002, he achieved the remarkable feat of securing Rank-1 in the first batch of the D'ortho program at Sancheti Hospital, affiliated with the University of Pune.

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We are providing different types of treatments according to your injury or problem

Initial treatment of fractures consists of readjusting the part of the fractured limb (if the deformity is severe) and then splinting the fractured limb.

When the knee joint is worn or damaged so that your mobility is reduced and you are in pain even while resting

Orthopedics is a medical specialty that deals with the treatment of bones and muscles. Orthopedic surgery is the branch of medicine concerned with diseases, injuries, and conditions of the musculoskeletal system relating to the body's muscles and skeleton

Joint replacement is a surgical procedure in which part of an arthritic or damaged joint is removed and replaced with a metal, plastic, or ceramic device called a prosthesis. Prostheses are designed to replicate normal, healthy joint motion.

Pediatric orthopedic surgeons treat all pediatric musculoskeletal problems, including limb and spine deformities identified at birth or later in life (clubfoot, scoliosis, differences in limb length on or in the leg). Diagnose, treat and manage.

Orthopaedic trauma is any severe injury to the bones, joints, and/or soft tissue that is caused by an external source.

Sports injuries occur when you participate in exercise, exercise, or other recreational activities. These injuries are usually of an orthopedic nature. That is, it affects the musculoskeletal system.

For mild to moderate pain, initial treatment is usually nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). For more severe pain symptoms, muscle relaxants and anesthetics can be supplemented or replaced. Your doctor may recommend physical therapy.

Physiotherapy focuses primarily on orthopedics and the treatment of disorders of the musculoskeletal system, which consists of joints, muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons. She diagnoses, treats, and cures musculoskeletal disorders and recovers patients after orthopedic surgery.

OA spinal cord injury damages the spinal cord itself or the surrounding tissues and bones. Depending on the severity of the injury, various parts of the body may lose function or mobility. Treatment includes surgery, medication, and physical therapy. A more recent approach aims to address work nerves.

Orthopedic physical therapy focuses primarily on orthopedics and the treatment of disorders of the musculoskeletal system, which consists of joints, muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons.

X-rays can be used to image any part of the body and are most commonly used to look for fractures. It is also commonly used to examine the chest, abdomen, and superficial soft tissue.

Arthritis can occur anywhere along the spine, but is more frequent in the lower back and neck.

Orthopedic trauma is usually defined as injuries caused by external violence such as serious falls, serious accidents or even violent attacks. These injuries occur in the body's musculoskeletal system, including bones, cartilage, joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons

where a section of bone is removed from one of your vertebrae (spinal bones) to relieve pressure on the affected nerve. discectomy – where a section of a damaged disc is removed. spinal fusion – where two or more vertebrae are joined together with a bone graft.

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Footballer wearing a blue shirt, black pants injured in the lawn during the race.

Experience the convenience and peace of mind that comes with knowing you have access to reliable 24-hour medical stores. Your well-being is our top priority, and we are committed to delivering exceptional service, quality products, and expert advice around the clock.

we provide 24-hour orthopaedic services to cater to emergencies and urgent cases. to manage orthopaedic injuries resulting from accidents, falls, or sports-related incidents.

Footballer wearing a blue shirt, black pants injured in the lawn during the race.

Orthopaedic surgeries often require specialized equipment, including power tools, surgical lights, and anaesthesia machines. hence we focus to keep 24 Hours Generator Backup ready.


Most Commonly Asked Questions About Orthopaedic Surgery

Is Orthopaedic Surgery Painful ?

Like any surgery, Orthopedic Surgery is done under general/regional/local Anesthesia which makes it painless.

How Long it will take to recover after orthopedic surgery

The recovery time for orthopedic surgery is six weeks. We recommend that patients take two weeks off of work or school following their surgery.

is orthopedic surgery safe

Orthopedic surgery is very safe with the best surgical and anaesthetic practices. In spite of all safety measures, there might be a few complications which need to be understood by the patient.

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Proper Diagnosis

Discover the emerging technologies most relevant to your strategy by working with our community.

Patient Education and Preventive Care

Preventive measures are essential to reducing your risk of injuries, health conditions, uncomfortable symptoms, and even surgery in the future.

Treatment Updates

Technological advancements have brought so much change and benefits to medicine.

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DR. SANJAY SALVE (M.B.B.S.), is a Joint Replacement Surgeon and Orthopedist in PCMC.

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